For many pet owners, one of the hardest things is to teach your pets not to stay on the couch. As soon as you turn your head, leave the room, they are up on the furniture again. It can be annoying when you have a guest over, especially when they are not used to pets and having to pick off all that fur is the worst. Here are some tips that we’ve learned to keep pets off furniture.

Restrict from the Start

It’s always harder to retrain your pet than to train them correctly from the start. It’s very difficult, if not impossible to get them to break the habit once your pet has learned that it’s acceptable to be on the couch or chair. Stopping this behaviour from the beginning will make your life much easier. It doesn’t matter if you brought home a puppy, kitten or older pet, you need to make it clear that furniture is off-limits.

If your pet hops on the couch, firmly tell them “get off” and remove them immediately. Be sure to reward them once they’ve obeyed so they associate the praise with being off the couch. While dogs are easier to train, cats may take a little more patience and persistence.

Give Them an Alternative

Your pets want to be comfortable and also be with you. After all, it’s better than being on the hardwood floor. Giving your pet a comfy bed or cushion provides them with a place to hang out without causing you any inconvenience. For a cat, a window perch is a good way to keep them off your furniture while simultaneously providing a comfortable spot for them. Remember, cats love being higher up and in a closed, secluded spot. The more comfortable and safe your pet feels, the better.

Set Concrete Rules

You need to be consistent with the rules you set. You can’t let one dog up on the couch while the other one has to stay on the floor. Some pet owners cave and let their pets up on the furniture just because it can be easier than disciplining them.

Believe it or not, your pet knows whether they can be on the couch with you or not. Another great training tool is a furniture pad that uses a non-harmful foil material to keep your cats and dogs off of your furniture. Pets generally dislike the crinkly feel and sound of this cover, so they learn to stay away from your beds and couches.


Needless to say, pets are wonderful companions and can bring happiness and fulfilment into your home. Help them and your family stay happy by learning how to break bad habits before they start. If you need help with any of these suggestions please give us a call at Cypress Animal Hospital