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Heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm... Whatever the name of the worm disease, it can be deadly for your pets and infectious for your family. With our advanced deworming treatments and blood tests, you will make sure your pet and family are fully protected.

Pet Deworming Vancouver

Watch Pet Deworming

Know the signs of worming and be prepared! Take care of your pet with Cypress St. Animal Hospital’s worming experts. Pet de-worming is something every owner needs to be aware of. Pets can suffer from problems their owners cannot see. The most common, treatable infections are parasite such as: heartworm, hookworm, roundworm, tapeworm and whipworm.

Types of Worms & How We Treat Them

De-worming means treating your pet for G.I. tract and intestinal parasites. Heartworm is a deadly disease spread from the bite of an infected mosquito carrying the heartworm larvae.

Roundworms and tapeworms are contracted by eating infected fleas and can be seen in your pet’s stool. Puppies can also be born with roundworm, a parasite that causes extreme discomfort and even death in severe cases. Kittens may become infected with roundworm their mother’s milk or feces.

Heartworms have no outward effects and veterinarians recommend a regular check for them during an examination.

Topical and monthly drugs can treat your pet for parasites. Our veterinarian may also recommend drug by injection every 6 months to keep infection under control. Annual physical exams include a check for heartworms, which is determined by a simple blood test.

If you believe your pet is infected, give us a call today to schedule a de-worming appointment or contact us by filling out our form.

What Pet Owners Are Saying:

"I’m so glad that this is our neighbourhood vet! Our cat disappeared and was found with a broken leg. We took him here and the surgery was arranged. The staff and doctors are all very friendly and kind. We’ve even had calls at home to check and see how he’s recovering."

- Louisa D.

"I brought in my 6-week old kitten for her first check up and vaccinations a couple of weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by the experience. The staff were friendly. All of my concerns were addressed and all my questions were answered in depth. The prices were very reasonable."

- Ellie C.

Signs of Worms

Whipworm, Roundworm, and Hookworm
all show the following signs:
  • - Diarrhea, Constipation, Vomiting
  • - Coughing
  • - Weight Loss, Blood Loss
  • - Bloated Belly, Poor Appetite
  • - Dark Tarry Stools
  • - Itching
  • - Dragging anus on the ground
  • - Worm segments in stool