Pet Euthanasia

Losing a pet is never an easy thing to deal with. You brought this pet to your home and maybe even raised it as if it was one of your children. Euthanasia is a decision you may have to choose if your pet is in constant pain that can’t be relieved or living with a terminal illness.

Since a trip to the vet is never a fun experience for a pet, a sedative can be given to your pet to relieve stress and anxiety and make your pet calmer. The chemicals in the euthanasia mainly consist of pentobarbital which renders your pet unconscious then respiratory and cardiac arrest takes place, within a couple of seconds.

The euthanasia can be applied through the vein or the body cavity. While the vein route is quick and only takes 30 seconds, the body cavity option is much slower in relieving your pet’s pain and can take up to 15 minutes for the process to be complete. Whether you want to stay or leave is entirely up to you. If you choose to stay you can provide your pet with emotional support and help relieve any fear that they have. It will give you a chance to say your final goodbyes and be with your pet until the very last second.

You can choose to bring a friend or family member for emotional support. It would help if that person has a pet and can empathize with what you are going through. We here at Cypress St. Animal Hospital know the pain of losing a friend like your pet. We have served the Vancouver area since 2012 and we will be here for you when the life of your pet ends.

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