Our Vancouver Vet Services

At Cypress Vancouver Vet we know how much your pet means to you and that is why we offer a wide range of wellness services here in the Vancouver area. Maintaining the health of your pet is very important to us and these services will help you keep your beloved pet healthy so they can live a long and happy life.

General Pet Services Offered in the Vancouver Area

We offer an extensive list of wellness services in the Vancouver/ Kitsilano area. These services include the following:

Flea & Tick Control/Deworming
By providing your pet with deworming and flea & tick control you are not only ridding them of pesky parasites that can be very annoying to your pet but you are also ridding them of potentially life-threatening conditions that fleas, ticks, worms, and other parasites have been known to cause.

Spaying & Neutering
There is more to spaying and neutering than just making your pet infertile. There are a number of health benefits to having these procedures done that many pet owners are unaware of. In fact, having your pet spayed or neutered could actually lengthen the life of your pet and significantly reduce the chances of them developing life-threatening conditions.

We provide a number of preventative pet services, including vaccinations. By providing your pet with a regular exams as well as keeping them current on their vaccinations you can give your pet a big advantage when it comes to their overall health.

Veterinary Diets
There is no such thing as a pet diet that is “one size fits all”. There are a number of factors that go into making sure your animal has just what they need. These include the age, size, and breed of your pet plus much more. We will take each element into consideration and advise you on a healthy diet that has been customized for your pet.

Dental Cleaning
As humans we typically make dental care a priority in our everyday lives. The dental care of your pet is no less important, yet it is one thing that is often ignored. Here at Cypress Vet we can provide you with the dental services necessary to help keep your pets teeth in top condition.

Pet Allergies
Like humans, pets can have allergies too and they can become quite miserable if they are not properly cared for. We provide the necessary treatments to relieve the side effects that allergies are associated with in your pet.

Anal Gland Expression
Sometimes the anal gland will become impacted which can cause your pet to defecate in inconvenient locations. By allowing us to complete an anal gland expression it will help your pet to regain their overall health.

Ear Cleaning
When your pets ears become overly dirty it can cause a number of health problems and become extremely painful. We provide ear cleaning services to help protect the longevity of your pet’s ears

Nail Trimming
Trimming your pet’s nails can be no easy task. So why not let the professionals help? We are happy to provide this service for you so that you don’t have to. This also ensures that your pet’s nails stay at a healthy length that will optimize their mobility.

Behavior Consultation
Are you having behavior issues with your pet? We are here to help! We want to make sure you and your pet have the best relationship possible and we can provide you with a solid plan to help you achieve just that.

Identification & Boarding
As we mentioned, we know how much your pet means to you. That is why we provide both identification and boarding services. We want to make sure if your pet is ever lost that you have the best chance of getting them back. By allowing us to board your animal while you are away you can be sure that they are getting the best care possible.

By providing these services we are confident that your pet will be able to live a longer, healthier, and happier life with you and your family. We look forward to providing your pet with the many wellness services that we offer. For more information or to schedule your wellness appointment please contact us today.