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Why It’s Important To Have A Pet Sitter

6th March 2020


Life is busy and unpredictable, which can put pet parents in some especially precarious positions.  Whether you’re leaving town for a few days or trying to balance your professional and social life with the health and happiness of your pet, having a pet sitter can substantially increase your pet’s quality of life while simultaneously alleviating

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How To Choose The Best Vancouver Veterinarian

11th December 2019


Deciding on the best veterinarian in Vancouver for your pet is one of the most important decisions that a pet owner has to make. There are a lot of different considerations, and at the end of the day, your decision will, of course, have a big impact on the care and happiness of your pet.

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5 Ways To Celebrate Halloween With Your Pets

11th October 2019


Halloween is generally a difficult time for pets. People are dressed up in strange costumes, setting off firecrackers and knocking on doors – all behaviour that can cause pets huge anxiety. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with your animals during this season. Here are a couple of things you can do that are fun

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5 Top Tips For Summer Safety For Your Pets

4th September 2019


Although it's nearing the end of Summertime, the warm weather is still set to continue for the next foreseeable future. For pet owners, the humidity and great outdoors can bring about some unexpected dangers. While you're enjoying the season with your pet, keep in mind your pet may not have the same experience. We've listed

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E.coli Found At Kits Beach

22nd August 2019


It is advisable to keep your pets away from Kits Beach for the foreseeable future. Nearly two weeks after it was reopened for swimming, Vancouver’s Kits Beach was closed once again because of an E.Coli outbreak. Vancouver Coastal Health water sample found over 1,700 E. coli per 100 millilitres of water. Under Canadian recreational water

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How To Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy This Summer

28th June 2019


Vancouver has had some great weather early in summer which has allowed pet lovers to spend some time outdoors with their pets. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Heatwaves and prolonged dry spells can cause problems for both humans and pets alike. You may think looking after your pets in hot weather comes down

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4 Flowers Vancouver Pet Owners Should Avoid

7th June 2019


Summer is finally here—what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to go for a walk with your favourite companion?  While you may enjoy the change of scenery, flowers in full bloom and all, make sure to keep your eyes on where your dog or cat may dig their paws. Certain plants, including commonly seen flowers,

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How To Prepare Your Pet For Spring

15th March 2019


You have to love the Vancouver weather. One day we get snow, the next it’s a beautiful sunny day. As the days become longer, you’ll be spending more time outside with your dog. However, the more time you walk and hike, the more your dog will be exposed to fleas, ticks, and parasites which also

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What Pets Are Perfect For Seniors?

15th July 2018


One of the biggest issues facing seniors in today’s generation is loneliness, especially as their friends and family members slowly pass away. One of the best ways to combat this loneliness is with a pet, but obviously, not all pets are good for seniors, depending on their demeanor, age, type, and other factors. In fact,

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What To Think About Before Adopting A Pet

29th June 2018


Pets are a popular companion and they’re hard to say no to especially when they’re small and cute, but saying yes to a pet means saying yes forever. Unfortunately, because people make wrong decisions many pets suffer from inadequate care and neglect. Pet ownership is a serious commitment that should never be entered into on

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It’s Time For A Spring Health Check For Your Pets

27th March 2018


It may not seem like it with all Vancouver’s rain, but it is Spring which means the weather will improve. You may be doing some Spring cleaning at home but you should also be doing a Spring Pet health check since it’s the beginning of allergy season and is a common time for a lot

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When Should You Get Your Pet Vaccinated?

7th March 2018


Vaccinations for pets are as commonplace as it is for children these days and is an effective way to prevent serious diseases like rabies, influenza and hepatitis. Not only do regular vaccinations protect your pet’s health, but they can also keep your human family safe as well as some pet disease can be transferred to

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Safety For Your Pets In Cold Weather

22nd February 2018


We’ve had a recent influx of cold weather in Vancouver and it’s supposed to snow even more this year so it’s important to keep your pets nice and toasty warm. Remember they won’t be able to tell you if they are freezing. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather:  

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How To Build Your Own DYI Cat House

12th January 2018


Want a fun DYI project that benefits your cat? If you’re particularly crafty and good with your hands, you could try building your pet a unique cat house which can help save your furniture and provide your cat with some great vantage points. There are many wonderful cat house designs available and there really are no

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How To Prepare Your Pet For A Natural Disaster

2nd October 2017


The world has been recently hit by many natural disasters and with Vancouver scheduled to have a big earthquake it’s always best to prepared. We are taught in school, at work, and through the media how to best prepare ourselves but what about our furry friends? Emergency response teams understand how important it is to

How To Prepare Your Pet For A Natural Disaster2018-01-30T20:02:46+00:00

What You Should Know About Cancer In Your Pets

25th September 2017


Cancer is a tragedy for both pet and owner. Unfortunately, it has become the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. Like humans, dogs are living longer due to advanced medical procedures and our knowledge of medicine. In fact, fifty percent of dogs will develop cancer at some point in their

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5 Facts About Guinea Pigs You Didn’t Know

14th September 2017


Guinea pigs enjoy widespread popularity as household pets because of their cuteness, playfulness, and friendly nature. They make ideal pets, especially for children with short attention spans. They won’t bite or scratch and they have soft fur to play with. They can also bond well with other pets like dogs and cats if you allow

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Pet Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

12th May 2017


Mother’s Day is almost here and if you haven’t thought about what to get her, maybe consider something for her pet. After all, let’s face it, the last thing your mother needs is more flowers, perfume, and chocolates. Here are some ideas if you’re stuck. Pet Portraits This is a timeless gift that will be

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The 5 Cutest Cat Breeds

5th May 2017


It seems you either love or hate cats -- there is no middle ground.  Cats come in many shapes and sizes. From the American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau to the Siamese. We've picked 5 cat breeds that have something a little extra special, that stand out a bit from others. Whether you’re a cat person or

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7 Foods Your Pets Should Not Eat

28th April 2017


Everybody knows there are certain foods you couldn’t feed your pets but sometimes it’s hard to resist those big, loving eyes as he begs you to share. When you want to give him a treat from the table how do you know which foods are safe to feed them? Here are some guidelines of what you should keep away from your pets.

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