How To Keep Your Pets Safe and Happy This Summer


Vancouver has had some great weather early in summer which has allowed pet lovers to spend some time outdoors with their pets. But summer isn’t all fun and games. Heatwaves and prolonged dry spells can cause problems for both humans and pets alike. You may think looking after your pets in hot weather comes down

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4 Flowers Vancouver Pet Owners Should Avoid


Summer is finally here—what better way to enjoy the sunshine than to go for a walk with your favourite companion?  While you may enjoy the change of scenery, flowers in full bloom and all, make sure to keep your eyes on where your dog or cat may dig their paws. Certain plants, including commonly seen flowers,

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The Benefits of K-Laser Therapy Treatments


Therapeutic laser treatments have been around since the early 2000s, generally in chiropractic clinics. Patients have had such success with them that we are increasingly seeing their use with pets as well. In the United States, for example, many vets have been using lasers on pets for at least five or ten years for a

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How To Prepare Your Pet For Spring


You have to love the Vancouver weather. One day we get snow, the next it’s a beautiful sunny day. As the days become longer, you’ll be spending more time outside with your dog. However, the more time you walk and hike, the more your dog will be exposed to fleas, ticks, and parasites which also

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Is Toilet Water Safe For Pets


We all know dogs have some pretty gross habits. They love to play in the mud and roll in bad smells. One habit dogs seem to love is drinking from the toilet bowl, even when we tell them not to. For humans, this may seem disgusting, however, when you think, it makes perfect sense: the