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Why you should adopt a senior dog?

5th June 2021


When your dog will become seven years old, then it comes under the senior category. The size of the dog also affects the categorisation. This means that small dogs will get matured slower and becomes senior late as compared to larger dogs. The animal shelters are filled with healthy and active senior dogs that are

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How Does COVID-19 Affect Your Pets?

19th March 2020


Many clients have been concerned about the well-being of their pets amidst the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus that has recently escalated to pandemic levels across the world. While each of us have become hyper aware of every sniff, cough or sneeze (emanating from our own bodies, as well as those around us), we can’t

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Lest We Forget Our Service Animals

12th November 2018


This Remembrance Day we honour the veterans who gave up so much to fight for freedom but we should also stop for a moment to consider all the animals who serve alongside emergency services as well. Whether they are police dogs, RCMP horses, or the bomb-sniffing dogs, these animals help us stay safe and protect us

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Tips On How To Enjoy Horse Summer Camp

16th August 2018


It’s every girl’s dream to go to horse summer camp and take riding lessons. Horse camp allows you the freedom to learn new skills and develop new friends – both animal and human. In fact, a horse summer camp can give you and or that special someone a chance of a lifetime. 1. Do Your

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Why Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth Is Important

10th November 2017


Teeth are not just important for humans but our furry friends as well. They are easy to neglect if you're not careful. November is National Dental Month, sponsored by the Canadian Medical Association and it’s important to pay attention to your pet’s dental health. If your pet has bad breath don’t just ignore it. It

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Should You Declaw Your Cat

2nd November 2017


Declawing cats is an emotional issue and often debated topic.  There is a constant disagreement between pet owners, animal rights activists, and veterinarian groups about what is best for your pet cat. Some people feel it’s unnatural to remove a cat’s claws, and it’s done for the owner’s benefit rather than the cats’. When the

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9 of the Best Halloween Werewolf Movies

27th October 2017


It’s Halloween and time to think about trick-or-treating, costumes and scary movies. What better way to cuddle up on Halloween and watch a scary movie with your pet?  In honour of your furry friend, we have gathered a couple of our favourite werewolf movies together for your enjoyment. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) Director:

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Taking Your Dog On Car Rides

11th August 2017


Dogs love to be with their humans, especially when their humans are traveling in their cars. There is nothing better than taking your dog on trips to the beach or to the park in the summer. However it can be challenging to take your dog in the car, especially if your dog is not familiar

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How To Travel With Your Pet During Summer

21st July 2017


Summer is here in Vancouver. It’s the best time of the year and many of us are packing up and heading on vacation. For pet owners who plan to take their pets along for the journey, a little extra planning and forethought is needed. Always give yourself some extra time when you travel with a

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How To Socialize Your Cat

14th July 2017


Cats are an adorable pet. They are affectionate, loving and caring. But they are also predators by nature with the instinct to hunt and kill. If they aren’t socialized properly, they can be really difficult to handle. It is very important to teach your cat at an early age how to behave properly, otherwise they

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The 5 Most Beloved Animated Pets of All Time

1st June 2017


Everybody has a favourite animated pet who they watched growing up, whether it was from Saturday morning cartoons, Disney, or Looney Tunes. In this blog, we’ve listed 5 of the most popular and iconic cartoon pets of all time. Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo is the canine companion of Shaggy Rogers, a long-haired amateur detective who he shares

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Who Gets Your Pet When You Break Up?

21st April 2017


You need your pet more than ever when you breakup with your significant other. When you feel lonely there is nothing better than the love and snuggles of a pet. But who gets your furry animal after you go your separate ways? Besides the dividing up of furniture, property, and other assets, you need to

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How To Introduce Your New Cat To Your Dog

20th January 2017


One of the many stereotypes given to us by Hollywood is that dogs and cats are enemies. However, in fact, they are just wary of each other and can be great friends, if given a chance. Since there is no direct competition between them, they can be a good fit if both animals have the right

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How To Include Your Pets In Your New Year’s Resolutions

6th January 2017


Happy New Year! The start of a new year means a fresh start for you and your pet. Around 45% of Canadians make New Year Resolutions, but we must not forget about our pets. Just like us, our pets can improve their physical and mental health. There are many ways we can incorporate our pets

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How To Save the Lives Of Your Pets

13th November 2016


As we approach the holiday season, many charities are going to push for blood donations, but did you know that dogs and cats also need blood for surgery or, in some cases, serious trauma? And like humans there is often a shortage of supply. There are several organizations and animal clinics across Canada that accept

How To Save the Lives Of Your Pets2016-11-15T01:18:15+00:00

The 7 Pets You Must Follow On Social Media

3rd November 2016


The internet was made for cat videos, and don’t let anybody tell you differently. There are countless number of insanely cute pet profiles on various social media accounts you should be following, if nothing else to brighten up your day. We’ve rounded up a couple of celebrity pets to make it easier for you. Please

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5 Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe During Halloween

21st October 2016


Especially for kids, Halloween is a time of celebration and fun. But it can also lead to injury if you’re not careful. For your pets, it can be an especially dangerous and stressful time so we’ve outlined some safety guidelines for you to follow to make sure your Halloween is full of laughter, and happiness.

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