Life is busy and unpredictable, which can put pet parents in some especially precarious positions.  Whether you’re leaving town for a few days or trying to balance your professional and social life with the health and happiness of your pet, having a pet sitter can substantially increase your pet’s quality of life while simultaneously alleviating some of the pressure on you. Though it might sound like a luxury, you may find that having someone you can call when needed who is trustworthy and familiar with your pet can be a bigger advantage than you’d think.



Pet sitters give you the freedom to work late, go on trips, or go out for a few hours after work and still come home to a happy, healthy pet. You’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself more when you’re out of the house knowing that your pet is in the capable and familiar care of your pet sitter, rather than lying around the house waiting for your return.


You’ve most likely gone to great lengths to set up a routine for your pet that they’ve come to depend on. Having someone familiar to keep their schedule on track when you are out of town or unavailable will keep your pet feeling happy and secure.

Lessens Anxiety

The benefits of a pet sitter are innumerable for your pet as well. Pet professionals estimate that around 14% of dogs are affected by separation anxiety. This can be substantially lessened, if not eliminated, in your pet’s life with the addition of a pet sitter. Pet sitters can provide your pet with mental stimulation and physical exercise in a period where they would otherwise be potentially anxious or simply sedentary.

Medication Administration

If your pet needs medication at certain intervals, a pet sitter can administer them so that your pet never misses a dose.

Potty Breaks

At the very least, pet sitters can allow your pet more frequent bathroom breaks. While most pets can make it through their human’s workday without one, it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy for them to do so.

Pet sitters can be an important bridge between pet parents and their pets. Though they can provide stimulation, bathroom breaks, and even medication, perhaps the most important thing pet sitters give your pets is another relationship and variety in socialization. By giving your pet access to another friendly face and another trusted presence, you give a little diversity to both your schedule and your pet’s life.