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When to Take Your Cat to An Emergency Vet Clinic


Cats have a reputation for being independent and sassy. Cats are a survival species, which means that it is their instinct to hide their symptoms if they are sick or injured. Cats will not show that they are vulnerable, unlike dogs and most other pets. This means that it is very important for you to monitor your cat and to take your cat to the emergency vet clinic in Vancouver if you notice any changes in their behaviour or routine.

A medical emergency should be treated right away at an emergency vet clinic and should not wait for an appointment with your cat’s regular vet. Signs of a medical emergency in cats include excessive vomiting, multiple seizures, any type of breathing issue, inability to urinate, severe pain, squinting and redness in the eyes, heatstroke, and any physical trauma or accidents.

Excessive vomiting is not the occasional episode of throwing up. If your cat is bloated, is gagging, or is repeatedly vomiting, taking them to the emergency vet clinic in Vancouver is important, as they could be having a severe health issue or have ingested something that is toxic.

If you notice your cat having one seizure, and then continuing on as normal, it may not be an emergency, but should be followed up by a visit to your regular animal doctor. If you see your cat having multiple seizures in a row, or they seem quite distressed, then taking them to the emergency vet clinic is very important.

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Sometimes, when coughing up hairballs, cats emit a hacking, wheezing sound. If this only happens during this time, then your cat is probably not having serious breathing issues. If you notice your cat has blue or pale gums and tongue, a stretched neck, heavy breathing or gasping, or coughing, your cat may have asthma. Breathing comfortably is very important for every living being, and an emergency vet clinic in Vancouver will be able to treat your cat and get them breathing regularly if they are having a crisis. Your cat can then be treated for ongoing health concerns that are managed at their regular vet clinic.

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If you notice your cat posturing to go to the bathroom but there is no urine coming, take them to the emergency vet clinic right away for an evaluation. Not urinating, or not being able to urinate could be a sign of a larger health issue and can quickly become serious. The problem with cats is that often you do not see the signs that your cat is in need of medical attention until it is severe and important to go to the emergency vet clinic, because they hide their symptoms and pain so well.

If your cat is hiding, crying when touched or moved, not walking or moving, or unable to do so, panting excessively when it is not overly warm, or limping, the emergency vet clinic in Vancouver will be able to treat your cat, and give them a full physical to find out what is causing your cat to be in so much pain.

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If your cat has fallen, been hit by a car, or gotten into an altercation with another animal, they need medical attention promptly. Squinting or red eyes is another medical emergency that needs to be looked at right away.

Cats do not like change and will hide their symptoms and distress, which is an instinct they have due to the necessity of not looking like the weakest link in the wild. It is very important to monitor your cat’s health and to schedule regular vet appointments to catch any health issues before they become life-threatening. If your cat has been injured or they are acting like they are in pain or very sick, take them to an emergency vet clinic in Vancouver so that they can get the treatment they need.

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