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Understanding Your Options When It Comes to General Cremation of Pets

Understanding Your Options When It Comes to General Cremation of Pets

Pets are always a great addition to the family. They bring joy, comfort, and stand by your side through all the good times, and support you even more through the bad times. Time spent with your pet is never time wasted, so when they’ve gone and said their goodbyes, it can be an extremely challenging time. The best way to honour their memory when they leave this world is by giving them a proper funeral service, one they deserve. During this emotional time, it can be a tough conversation talking about the general cremation of pets, and the options to consider.

At Cypress St. Animal Hospital, we ensure your needs are met and let you grieve while we take care of the general cremation of pets for you and your loved furry companion. Be it cats and dogs, rabbits, or guinea pigs, we take care of your cremation needs so you can say goodbye in peace.

When it comes to general cremation of pets, there are various kinds of cremations offered that are tailored to your needs, be it cost-effective or just privacy that you require. At Cypress St. Animal Hospital, we offer private cremation services, as well as communal or group cremation services.

Private Cremation Services

During the cremation procedure for a private cremation, there is only one pet’s body placed carefully in the cremation chamber, and following the procedure, the cremated remains of the pet are available for the owner to take back home and keep in urns to memorialize their beloved companion. Cypress Animal Hospital also offers the option to hold a small funeral service with loved ones, or peacefully say goodbye in privacy. Additionally, owners may choose to witness the cremation process before saying their final goodbyes.

In terms of general cremation of pets, private cremation services can be more costly than communal or group cremation services, as they require the cremation chamber to run individually, taking up more energy and power. However, a private cremation is a great option if you want to return home with only your pet’s cremated remains, and allows you and your loved ones more privacy to bid farewell.

Communal or Group Cremation Services

The communal or group cremation service differs from the private cremation service as there may be multiple pet bodies placed in the cremation chamber in addition to your pet’s body. However, once the procedure is completed, the cremated remains of the pet are not available for the owner to take back home, as the remains get mixed with the ashes of other pets. Cypress Animal Hospital offers the option for owners to witness the entire cremation process, whether it is communal or private, and may take up to 2 hours depending on the size of the animal.

Communal or group cremation services can be a more cost-effective option as opposed to private cremation. The cremation chamber does not need to run individually and can instead run with multiple pets in the chamber. While you are allowed the privacy to say goodbye to your furry friend, the ashes of your pet and all the other pets in the chamber get mixed, preventing any owner from taking the cremated remains home.

Let us help you honour your pet during a time of grieving and take care of all your funeral needs. Reach out to us today to help your furry friend find a final resting place.

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