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How Technology Can Help Our Pets

From fitness apps, to virtual reality, it’s pretty clear that technology plays a major part in our lives. However, humans aren’t the only ones who can use gadgets. Technology makes things easier for us, but also for our pets. Here are a few great gadgets you should know about.

GPS trackers

There is now a wide range of pet trackers that use GPS to pinpoint your pet’s exact whereabouts and send it to your phone. Some have added features which even allow you to talk to your dog from afar. You can also set a virtual fence with some GPS trackers, which alerts you when your dog or cat strays a little too far.

Activity Monitor

As pet owners, we like to know where our animals are at all times, but these days we can get even more information about our pets. There are companies out there who are making wearable activity monitors for dogs. Just like the app MyFitnessPal, this device can give information on your dog’s activity level, diet, and calorie intake. This device will help pet owners keep their pets fit and active in a fun way.

Emotion Sensor Device

How is your cat feeling today? What does that meow really mean? There are several devices in the works seeking to get answers by figuring out the emotions of your pet. None of them are on the market yet, but they are either in development or being privately crowdfunded.  One day you might buy a collar that changes colours depending on your pet’s mood, or maybe even send alerts to your phone.

Pet To Human Translators

No, this is not something out of Star Trek. A variety of translation collars are in the works, claiming to be able to translate your pet’s bark, meow, and whimper into plain English. A Japanese company is working on a translator and it even, briefly, appeared on the market but the results weren’t very consistent. In the Pet To Human Translator, it won’t be too difficult to develop an AI program to get to know your pet’s sounds and translate them into basic statements, such as telling you they’re hungry or in pain.

Pet Care

If you don’t get to spend as much time as you’d like with your pet, there are devices that allow you to interact with them through your cellphone. You can watch them, speak with them, and even feed them treats, all from your cellphone.  The device will even notify you if there is unusual activity such as if your dog is barking. You can also record the videos to post on Youtube or show them to your friends.

Pet Detective UV Flashlight

Do you have a pet that likes to urinate in unusual places?  Sometimes it can be hard to find the exact source of the stink. With Ultra violet flashlight you can find those not-so-obvious stains that are stinking up your home and clean them up.


These devices for your pets are a great way to keep them safe, healthy and entertained while making your life easier. No longer does your pet have to be alone and bored for long periods of time. As you can see, technology enhances the lives of your pet as well.


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