Dogs love to be with their humans, especially when their humans are traveling in their cars. There is nothing better than taking your dog on trips to the beach or to the park in the summer.

However it can be challenging to take your dog in the car, especially if your dog is not familiar with your vehicle.

People have been travelling with their dogs ever since the invention of cars. With a bit of research and preparation you can take your dog anywhere you want – long distances or short.

The main thing is to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable. If they are uncomfortable or in pain then they’re not going to get into the car and you won’t get to go on any adventures. Sometimes you may not even be aware of how your pet may feel or what is wrong so it’s important to pay attention to the signs.

Making sure your pet is safe usually means either getting them a harness or a crate. The crate should be crash tested and certified for its safety. Design is also important.
Make sure you select a model which is roomy and has good air circulation for your dog. However, you don’t want too much room or your pet will slide around. The general rule of thumb is the crate should be big enough to stand up in and turn around completely.

You might also want air bags inside the crate for extra padding in case of a crash. It’s also important that the crate be securely fastened in place and not loose. Overheating is also a real problem for dogs in the car, especially in the summer. Bring enough supply of food and water for your dog. Make sure the water isn’t too hot. Use the air conditioning if you have it in the car. If not then open the windows to bring in some air circulation. It can be great fun to see a dog hanging their head out of the window as they hurtle along the highway, but this can be dangerous too. It can put your dog in a huge risk in case of a collision. It’s better to turn on the air conditioning and give your pet plenty of rest breaks along the way.

Traveling with a pet is a lot like traveling with a child. Don’t push yourself to do too much in a day. If you’re travelling long distances then you should make plenty of stopovers. It will force you to enjoy the journey more.

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