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5 Tips To Keep In Mind When Your Pet Passes

3rd December 2019


When the time comes to say goodbye to your pet, it can make the grieving process easier if you can work with a Vancouver veterinarian in conjunction with a good cremation service that can honour your pet in the most meaningful way.   You may not be aware, but it’s not permitted to bury your pet

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What To Think About Before Adopting A Pet

29th June 2018


Pets are a popular companion and they’re hard to say no to especially when they’re small and cute, but saying yes to a pet means saying yes forever. Unfortunately, because people make wrong decisions many pets suffer from inadequate care and neglect. Pet ownership is a serious commitment that should never be entered into on

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Safety For Your Pets In Cold Weather

22nd February 2018


We’ve had a recent influx of cold weather in Vancouver and it’s supposed to snow even more this year so it’s important to keep your pets nice and toasty warm. Remember they won’t be able to tell you if they are freezing. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe during cold weather:  

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How To Prepare Your Pet For A Natural Disaster

2nd October 2017


The world has been recently hit by many natural disasters and with Vancouver scheduled to have a big earthquake it’s always best to prepared. We are taught in school, at work, and through the media how to best prepare ourselves but what about our furry friends? Emergency response teams understand how important it is to

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What You Should Know About Cancer In Your Pets

25th September 2017


Cancer is a tragedy for both pet and owner. Unfortunately, it has become the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10. Like humans, dogs are living longer due to advanced medical procedures and our knowledge of medicine. In fact, fifty percent of dogs will develop cancer at some point in their

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5 Facts About Guinea Pigs You Didn’t Know

14th September 2017


Guinea pigs enjoy widespread popularity as household pets because of their cuteness, playfulness, and friendly nature. They make ideal pets, especially for children with short attention spans. They won’t bite or scratch and they have soft fur to play with. They can also bond well with other pets like dogs and cats if you allow

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Pet Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

12th May 2017


Mother’s Day is almost here and if you haven’t thought about what to get her, maybe consider something for her pet. After all, let’s face it, the last thing your mother needs is more flowers, perfume, and chocolates. Here are some ideas if you’re stuck. Pet Portraits This is a timeless gift that will be

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The 5 Cutest Cat Breeds

5th May 2017


It seems you either love or hate cats -- there is no middle ground.  Cats come in many shapes and sizes. From the American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau to the Siamese. We've picked 5 cat breeds that have something a little extra special, that stand out a bit from others. Whether you’re a cat person or

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7 Foods Your Pets Should Not Eat

28th April 2017


Everybody knows there are certain foods you couldn’t feed your pets but sometimes it’s hard to resist those big, loving eyes as he begs you to share. When you want to give him a treat from the table how do you know which foods are safe to feed them? Here are some guidelines of what you should keep away from your pets.

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What You Need To Know About Vaccinating Your Pet

31st March 2017


Vaccinations are a critical component in the wellness of your pet. Vaccines help prepare the immune system to fight off the attack of all types of diseases. If your dog or cat is ever exposed to a disease, their immune system is now prepared to recognize and fight it off entirely or reduce the severity

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7 of the Best Dog Parks In Vancouver

23rd March 2017


Vancouver is known for its beautiful scenery – its beaches, mountains and parks.  Whenever possible, Vancouverites love to explore the outdoors with their pets. Sometimes it can be frustrating to find an off-leash park for your best friend to run free. In Vancouver there are 36 off-leash areas in the city, but that is only

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How To Understand the Mood of Your Cat

17th February 2017


Cat’s aren’t as easy to read as dogs. They can seem aloof, standoffish and complicated, and many owners struggle to communicate with their cats, even after they’ve been living together for many years. But if you know how to read their signals then it can be easy to interpret. This is how to decipher your

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5 Tips To Groom Your Pet

11th February 2017


There are many reasons to be good at grooming your dog. It can get expensive always taking them to a professional, as much as $50 or $75 depending on what type of package you get. Sometimes personalities clash between you and the groomer and it can be very hard to trust someone with your pet.

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How To Introduce Your New Cat To Your Dog

20th January 2017


One of the many stereotypes given to us by Hollywood is that dogs and cats are enemies. However, in fact, they are just wary of each other and can be great friends, if given a chance. Since there is no direct competition between them, they can be a good fit if both animals have the right

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How To Include Your Pets In Your New Year’s Resolutions

6th January 2017


Happy New Year! The start of a new year means a fresh start for you and your pet. Around 45% of Canadians make New Year Resolutions, but we must not forget about our pets. Just like us, our pets can improve their physical and mental health. There are many ways we can incorporate our pets

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5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday

24th December 2016


Put Your Pet Into Family Photos If you’re the type of family to send out photos with your Christmas cards each year, why not add your pet to the festivities? You can either get professional or do a candid photo. Either have their own appeals for them. If you have a good photographer in the

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What To Do With Your Pet During Winter

17th December 2016


As the temperature drops outside, it’s very important to keep your pets safe. Recently a lost tabby cat was rescued when a conductor for CN Rail found the stowaway under the engine deck on his train in Alberta. It was almost -40 C outside and one of the train’s engines was frozen solid. When the

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