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Who Gets Your Pet When You Break Up?

21st April 2017


You need your pet more than ever when you breakup with your significant other. When you feel lonely there is nothing better than the love and snuggles of a pet. But who gets your furry animal after you go your separate ways? Besides the dividing up of furniture, property, and other assets, you need to

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5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday

24th December 2016


Put Your Pet Into Family Photos If you’re the type of family to send out photos with your Christmas cards each year, why not add your pet to the festivities? You can either get professional or do a candid photo. Either have their own appeals for them. If you have a good photographer in the

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7 Gifts To Get Your Pet This Christmas

1st December 2016


It’s officially the holiday season and as we are going from party to party and shopping for our family, we shouldn’t forget our wonderful pets. They are, after all, the animals that fill our lives with wonder and joy. It seems only fitting that you might get them something for Christmas or as a little

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