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5 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe This Christmas

23rd December 2019


Keeping your dog or cat safe during the holidays can be a difficult task. With so many distractions and potential dangers around the holidays like breakable ordainments, presents, open sockets, are just a few of the dangers. Let’s take a look at some simple ways you can save your pet from harm these holidays, but

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5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday

24th December 2016


Put Your Pet Into Family Photos If you’re the type of family to send out photos with your Christmas cards each year, why not add your pet to the festivities? You can either get professional or do a candid photo. Either have their own appeals for them. If you have a good photographer in the

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What To Do With Your Pet During Winter

17th December 2016


As the temperature drops outside, it’s very important to keep your pets safe. Recently a lost tabby cat was rescued when a conductor for CN Rail found the stowaway under the engine deck on his train in Alberta. It was almost -40 C outside and one of the train’s engines was frozen solid. When the

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7 Gifts To Get Your Pet This Christmas

1st December 2016


It’s officially the holiday season and as we are going from party to party and shopping for our family, we shouldn’t forget our wonderful pets. They are, after all, the animals that fill our lives with wonder and joy. It seems only fitting that you might get them something for Christmas or as a little

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