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Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners

Spring Cleaning For Pet Owners

If you have a pet, you know how hard it is to keep your home clean – especially during Spring time when your dogs and cats are shedding their winter coat. Pets also spend more time outdoors during these months which results in most mud and dirt everywhere. While it’s not fun cleaning, having a pet more than makes up for the joy of a dirty home.

If you have a pet, you need to get used to your pet shedding hair on your furniture, floors, in every crack and crevice, and even on your clothes. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t control it. Here are a few things that you can do to manage the hair and mud problem before it gets out of control.

Vacuum Daily

Nobody likes to vacuum, especially daily. You should invest in a good quality vacuum that has a lot of suction. There are specific attachments that are designed just to remove pet hair from furniture. These work very well and can get a good amount of dog or cat hair off your couch.

Brush Your Pet Frequently

We recommend using a fine-toothed comb to go through your dog or cat’s fur on a regular basis. Not only does it stop your pet from shedding, but it also regularly allows you to check for fleas or ticks, keeping your pet healthy. If you do spot fleas, use a vet-recommended shampoo to get rid of them. You should also be careful your pet doesn’t spread them to other animals.

Use a Towel or Blanket

What pet doesn’t love to frolic in the mud? When your pet comes in from outside, you should be ready to greet them with a towel or blanket. You can use the towel on your pet’s favourite spot or in their bed. If you have people over, you can simply remove the blanket and all the pet hair that has accumulated along with it.

Removing Hair from Your Clothing

You should always keep a lint brush roller by the doorway. Lint rollers with the disposable pieces of tape work the best for your clothes and can even be used on carpets. The hair attaches to the tape and can be thrown in the garbage. It’s also a good idea to use a lint brush or roller, too before throwing your clothes in the wash to prevent your machine from being clogged up.

Remove Pet Odours

A wet dog can really stink up your home. If your dog comes in the house, after being out in the rain or rolling in something smelly, try and dry him off immediately at the door. Otherwise, he will roll around on your carpet, transferring the water and odour to your home where it will be more difficult to remove. If this should happen, you should ideally immediately use specific stain-removal soap and then vacuum it up as directed.  The longer you wait, the more time the odour has to set into your home and the more difficult it is to remove.


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