IKEA is known as an innovative furniture company that once you get sucked into their stores, you’ll find all sorts of useful items you didn’t even know existed. By the time you reach checkout, you have spent more money than you budgeted for.

One of the lines the company just launched is furniture specifically designed for pets called “Lurvig”, which is the Swedish word for “hairy”.  It is being rolled out in stores across North America, France, and Japan. Knowing IKEA, it will include everything you could possibly want for your pet, including doggy couches, beds, scratching posts, cat tunnels, carriers, and, of course, plenty of toys.

The Lurvig was designed by Inma Bermudez who felt IKEA needed reasonably priced but high-quality products for pets. The Italian designer worked with Barbara Schafer, a vet who made sure that different breeds and behaviour types were accounted for in the pet furniture. They were also careful to cover all a pet’s needs including, sleep, play, and food.

For example, a pet can enjoy a mini treehouse hideaway. However, the product Bermudez is most proud of is a cushion that owners can fill with their old clothes, blankets, or towels. The idea is that the pet gets comfortable with the familiar smells and makes it his or her home.

Perhaps your pet will actually enjoy these specially designed pieces of furniture rather than make a mess of your expensive couch.

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