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Pet House Calls

Pet House Calls – Our Veterinarians at Your Home

Please note that we only offer house calls for our existing customers with the exception of euthanasia for new clients.

Under some circumstances some pet owners are not able to take their pet to the vet; whether it is transportation issues or a pet being extremely ill. Many pet owners can gain from having a home call service such as convenience, a calmer pet, and not having to move your pet if they are extremely ill.

One of the benefits of using our pet house call services is that it is at your convenience. Whenever you need to see one of our veterinarians, we will send one right away to tend your pet. Most of the services we offer at our animal hospital are offered for house calls like: Ear Cleaning, Examination, Nail Trim, Vaccinations, and Cat/Dog Identification and more. We are available for house calls 7 days a week and want to ensure that your pet is provided for in every way possible.

Another benefit is that your pet is less anxious. Pets generally don’t like the atmosphere at a vet hospital and may associate bad memories to the place. With a house call, your pet can feel more comfortable being examined since the home is a familiar space.

An additional benefit of the house call service is that you do not have to move your pet in order to go to the vet if your pet is too ill or in too much pain to move. This service will greatly benefit you and your pet.