Pet Behavioral Consultation for a Happier Pet and Owner

Have a pet that is not listening and refuse to obey commands? Unfortunately, many owners experience this problem in their pets, especially with dogs. They fear of giving their dog up or having to put them down, due to the complaints of neighbors or the dog being a danger to their children, other pets, and people around them. What they and many others don’t understand is that there are many reasons for their pet’s behavioral problems, mostly emotional.

We offer behavioral consultation for your pet and will work with you and your pet to help diagnose the problem. We will then proceed by creating a plan to cure the troublesome behavior. Some of the many reasons your pet is having behavioral problems is because of fear and being placed in a strange environment.

By identifying the real cause of the problem, we can start to understand the pet and its personality better, and begin to relieve that fear. We want to help establish that trust between you and your pet so both of you will have a better understanding of each other.

By the end of the consultation, you will be able to keep your pet a part of the family and feel comfortable having your pet around other people and their pets. We care about the emotional well being of the people and pets of Vancouver, and know the importance of a good relationship between an owner and their pet. Visit for a consultation, and see the change in you and your pet’s relationship.