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It’s Time For A Spring Health Check For Your Pets

It’s Time For A Spring Health Check For Your Pets

It may not seem like it with all Vancouver’s rain, but it is Spring which means the weather will improve. You may be doing some Spring cleaning at home but you should also be doing a Spring Pet health check since it’s the beginning of allergy season and is a common time for a lot of diseases.


Update Vaccinations for Your Pet

As the weather gets warmer, a lot of common diseases seem to get more prevalent as well. If your pet comes into contact with a lot of other animals, it might be a good idea to take a trip to the vet and make sure all their vaccinations are updated.


Deworming Prevention

If you haven’t done any deworming recently it’s definitely time to start again. Heartworm disease can be a devastating disease that can cause heart failures and potential death if left untreated.

Treatment can be difficult, uncomfortable, and costly. It’s better to prevent the disease before it stats. If you’ve never had your pet on a prevention before, your vet will probably run a blood test to ensure your pet is heartworm negative before giving them any type of medication.


Beware of Injuries

If you’re like a lot of pet owners, you haven’t been as active during the colder months and so it’s not wise to race into long walks and lots of play. Start with leashed walks, and shorter play sessions and gradually work up to maximum activity. Starting all at once can lead to injuries and sore muscles.

.Start slow with your pet so they can gradually build up that athlete body they once had. Also, if your pet is getting older, it might be time to consider giving them supplements to their diet to lubricate joints.


Flea and Tick Preventive

Fleas and ticks can carry many diseases, some of which can be extremely dangerous, such as Lyme Disease. If you get flea infestations in your home, it can be very costly to treat and often require an exterminator. By preventing fleas and ticks, your pet and your home will be healthier.


It’s Time For a Grooming

When it begins to get warmer, your pets will start to shed but it’s best to be a little pre-emptive. Grooming can be done at home, or with a professional groomer. Choose a groomer who you like and who is good with your pet This will save you a lot of time cleaning up after stray hair.


Seasonal Allergies

Some pets tend to get allergies in the spring the same way humans do. However, pets don’t show the same signs as humans do. They won’t have a runny nose and sneezing but they do get itchy skin. The fur or hair on their paws will get irritated. They might also get ear infections as a result and you might notice them itching and shaking their heads. Contact us to find the right products to help manage your pet’s allergies.

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