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Is Toilet Water Safe For Pets

Is Toilet Water Safe For Pets

We all know dogs have some pretty gross habits. They love to play in the mud and roll in bad smells. One habit dogs seem to love is drinking from the toilet bowl, even when we tell them not to. For humans, this may seem disgusting, however, when you think, it makes perfect sense: the water in the toilet bowl is often fresher and cooler than the water in your dog’s water bowl.
The toilet gets flushed at least five times a day, depending on how many people live in the house. The constant flushing regenerates the water, and the toilet bowl keeps the water at the perfect drinking temperature. As a human, would you rather drink stale water that has been sitting around for a while or a fresh glass of cool water?

Is Toilet Water Harmful To Dogs?

As a general rule, it’s better to keep your dog away from the bathroom. Toilet water can be harmful to a dog since the water can contain germs and bacteria from human waste which can give your pet a stomach ache. While dog’s stomachs are usually pretty durable and are able to fight off harmful bacteria, once in a while there can be some nasty microorganisms that will make your dog sick.
In addition, many households use strong chemical cleaners to keep their bathroom looking and smelling fresh. These chemicals leave residue in the water and can also be harmful to your pet. Some homeowners use cleaning tablets which are left in the water and if they are swallowed by your pet then you should take them to the vet immediately.

How To Stop Your Pet From Drinking Toilet Water?

One of the simplest ways, of course, is to always keep the bathroom door closed. You should also keep the toilet lid down. But of course, like any household, you tend to forget occasionally and your pet will sneak in when they are unattended.
You should also try putting out fresher water more consistently. The easiest way to do this is to get into some sort of routine so your dog has fresh water every couple of hours. You should also try using a ceramic bowl instead of a traditional stainless steel bowl which keeps the water colder longer.
If none of these suggestions work, try purchasing a pet fountain which you can get at your local pet store. These fountains alleviate the stagnant water problem and some of these drinking fountains have filters, removing any harmful bacteria in the water.

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