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How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween?

How To Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

All Hallows Eve, also known as All Saints’ Eve is wildly believed to originate from the Celtic harvest festivals and passed down to the early American settlers. It began as a three-day celebration but now is mainly fun and games for children for a single night.
While it’s fun and games for children, it’s not much fun for pets. A parade of strangers— in scary and weird costumes – constantly ringing the doorbell can cause anxiety, distress for your pets. There is a lot of potential threat to them on Halloween night. Follow these safety tips below for a safer and happier Halloween night for your pets.

Pet Costumes

If you want to dress your pet up do so in a respectful manner. If they resist then they don’t want to be put in a costume and you need to respect their preference. Costumes can add unwanted stress and anxiety to your pet –even if it’s just for a photograph. Also ensure that if you do dress them up, don’t leave them alone with a costume. If you dress up your pet, make sure that there are no dangly items like bells or buttons on their costumes which may be a potential choke on.

Pets and Candy

Keep your pet away from candy and chocolate. Do not put candy in a bowl where your pets can reach and don’t leave it unattended. It’s difficult to keep an eye on your pet, especially when there is so much action going on. Dogs and cats love candy and chocolate but it can really make them sick if you’re not careful.

Pets Run Away

Letting your pets run around on Halloween can be dangerous, especially if you have teenagers playing with firecrackers in your neighborhood. Keep your pet indoors. In case your pets do make a break for it on Halloween night, ensure that they all have proper, up-to-date ID tags or have a microchip in time for Halloween. If your pet does run away and gets lost, it makes easier for someone to identify and return your pet to you.

Halloween Decorations

Keep a close eye on wires or cords for decorative lights. Many dogs and cats like to chew on them and could suffer serious injuries as a result of the electrical current. Either tuck the cords behind furniture where they can’t be reached or watch your pets closely.

Keeping the Home Quiet

If possible, it’s best to keep your pets away from the commotion in a quiet, closed room, downstairs basement, or covered crate. This will hopefully help them stay calm and keep them from getting agitated or spooked. Calming music to mask all the shouting and excitement has been known to keep pets from getting too anxious or scared. You might want to try it with your pet to see how it works.


Halloween is a fun time but it can quickly turn dangerous if you’re not careful. If you follow these guidelines and keep in mind basic safety principles, then both you and your pet will have a great evening.

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