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How To Deal With Pests Humanely

How To Deal With Pests Humanely

Since the weather is getting nicer, you’ll find a lot of animals, insects, and other critters have started to appear. Most of them you probably don’t want in your house or garden. There are many reasons you want to get rid of pests humanely. For starters, pests are creatures too, and they deserve as much respect and admiration as your own pet – even if you think they look rather ugly. Secondly leaving poison and traps around can lead to unintended consequences. If you let your dog or cat in the yard and they digest poison then it can cause an unwanted trip to the vet.



The best way to get rid of pests is to have a strong prevention system to begin with. The first step is to find the entry point that the pests may be using. It is crucial that all entry points to your home and property are identified. Spots such as vents, eaves, attics, ducts, and basement should be inspected for evidence of pests. Even if you think that the hole looks smaller than a pest’s body, you should still investigate it as pests generally have incredibly flexible bodies that allow them to squeeze through very tight spaces.

A huge number of animals such as bunnies, racoons, and mice, are attracted to garden plants and flowers. In order to prevent damage from pests or wild animals, consider constructing either a wood or metal fence. A part from adding some privacy, they can be a good deterrent to unwanted visitors.


Use Non-Toxic  Repellants

Non-toxic chemicals are usually more expensive than the other chemicals but they work well in a lot of cases. There are many options of non-toxic that you can buy from the store for the temporary relief of wild animals. These repellents are safe to use around kids and pets.

Depending on the circumstance some home remedies might be a good option. You can use garlic, soapy water, lavender or mint leaves depending on the type of pest you have a problem with.


Remove the Animal

Lastly, if you encounter any wild animals which are hard to remove – a skunk for example under your porch or an aggressive racoon – then the most effective way is to destroy the nesting area safely or relocating the animals.  Make sure you are doing everything under the regulations of your city and have a full permission

If you have any doubts then it’s best to talk to professionals. Wild animals can damage your property and can harm you if proper caution is not taken. There are many non-profit organizations in the Vancouver area which care for certain categories of wildlife. Here are some of the ones you should be aware of:

Hopefully, you don’t encounter any unwanted guests in your home or garden, but if you do then you now have some ideas of what to do without overreacting and ending up doing something that you later regret.

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