We all have the type of people who dote over their pets. They always seem to be out for walks, post doggy pictures up on social media and always seem to steer the conversation to their pets’ habits. For these friends, we’ve put together a list of things you can get them this Christmas. Luckily dog owners tend to be easy to shop for.

GPS Tracker / High Tech Collars

You can use a more traditional GPS Tracker in case your dog tends to stray from home. These apps make it easy to find your pet in case they get lost. No more help wanted posters. Another option is a High Tech Collar which connects to apps that track a pet’s steps and habits. Think of it as a kind of Fitbit for dogs. If the dog is being lazy and not getting his or her steps in, the app makes sure you know about it. It’s an easy way to discover if your dog is being healthy or needs a bit more walking.

Dog Bed

Every dog needs a snug, fuzzy bed so they’ll be as comfortable as possible. Beds, of course, come in all sizes and shapes. You might want to consider one with a top layer of gel memory foam which helps regulate body temperature. Although you don’t want to wash their beds often, make sure they can be put into the machine.

Dog Cam

The worst part about having a dog is being away from them. Give the dog person the ability to interact and see what their dog’s doing while they’re out is an amazing gift.
A doggy cam makes it easy to check in on a furry pet any time you want. There are several on the market which you can connect to your phone or computer. Some of the higher end cameras even alert you when they hear your dog barking. If a barking alert does pop up, you can actually hold the microphone button in the app and talk to your pup to calm them down.


Dogs always love blankets, especially during this time of the year when it’s cold out. It provides them with optimal comfort and a true place to relax. You can get a lot of different colours and playful designs. When you buy one, make sure you pay attention to the material it’s made of – polyester or wool is best – and that it’s machine washable.


The best gift of all is the gift of peace of mind. There are many different types of dog insurance so shop around. In exchange for a monthly fee, the pet insurance will pick up the cost for unexpected expenses, including emergency surgeries or vet visits. For dogs, premiums average about $35 a month. Having pet insurance is definitely worth it because nobody likes to have to make a medical decision because of financial reasons.