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Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Gift Ideas For Cat Lovers

Anyone who’s been around cats knows it is incredibly hard to entertain them. Indoor cats especially are difficult to keep stimulated which means you need to get them plenty of toys and games. This is good news for anyone who is hard pressed to find a present for a cat owner.
If you’re stuck for ideas here are a few we suggest.

Cat Teaser Toys

These are a must for any cat and can keep a cat occupied for hours. There are a lot of varieties to choose from and it just depends on what the prospective cat would prefer. You might want to try a battery-powered teaser toy that uses randomized movements to make sure the toy’s direction never becomes predictable. If you want something a little more low tech you can always go for a mouse on a string which you can get at most pet stores.

A Cat Phone Case

This is an easy one for the person who adores cats. The first step is to figure out what type of phone your friend has. Then you have to figure out what type of colour scheme they like. There are plenty of cute options to choose from.

Cat Tree House

If you’re looking for something distinctive, which will give you and your friends a good laugh as well as your cats endless playtime, look no further than a cat tree house. It allows them to jump, climb or just rest whenever they want. For hours of entertainment and fun this is the best investment you can make for any cat. Because this is Vancouver, you should try and find something that is economical with space and can be put into a corner or words with the rest of the furniture.

Cat Headphones

Headphones are a gift you can’t really go wrong with, because they’re great to get when you already have a pair. Because they always go missing, everyone should have at least one backup set. There are some great cat-themed headphones with cute cat ears that could be perfect for your favourite cat person.

A Cat Mug

There are lots of funky cat mugs out there, that are great for a cat person. Mugs are another great way gift that you can’t’ get too many of. Who doesn’t break them on a regular basis? You might want to choose one with a favourite cartoon cat or Disney cat.

Cat Slippers

There is nothing more adorable than cat slippers and if they are cute and warm then even better. A cat person will surely love them. If you choose slippers with ears and whiskers they can quickly become one of the most loveable items to wear around the house.

Cat Pajamas

Fleece cat pajamas will keep your cat friend warm and cozy. Cat pajamas are often whimsical, entertaining and cute. You can choose from many different colours and fabrics. There are even companies out there that specialize in cat pajamas. Really, the biggest question you’re going to have to ask is if you’re going to get short or long sleeve.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for that perfect give for that cat lover, hopefully you have a good guide of unique cat-themed gifts. The great thing about cat gifts is that they don’t need to be expensive. You can get something as small as a mug or as large as a tree house.

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