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How To Have a Flea Free Summer

Fleas are a troublesome pest. They can get from your pet to your carpet, on your couch, and even in your bed. Luckily fleas don’t need to be part of pet ownership. Lately, flea control has become very advanced so it’s becoming easier to deal with flea problems.

If you find the problem early enough then they are easy ways to take care of them, however if they spread, then they become very difficult to eradicate.

To get rid of fleas once and for all, you need to tackle the overall problem, not just the immediate threat. If it’s especially bad, you may have to treat your entire home.

Flea Infestation

The first step is to find the source of the infection. If the infection came from your pet, you should make a trip to your veterinarian so you can give them a flea bath to kill the fleas living off your pet. At the same time you should completely rid your home of fleas, or they may infest your pet again and you’ll be at the starting gate once again. You should wash everything your pet touches, from your bedding, to your towels, to the doormat. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

If your flea infestation began with a carpet or other item then you should start by shampooing the affected area. Infestation can quickly overtake even the cleanest home.

Wash and soak everything in hot water. While you’re doing that, vacuum your floors and couch and be sure to empty the vacuum bags. Then fasten the bags securely and place it outside so none of those unwanted pests make their way back inside. Clean your hard surfaces and after washing everything you’re ready to start your flea treatment.

It is also worth contacting individuals that have been in your home since the infestation began since fleas can travel on humans and can spread to their homes too.

How To Eliminate Fleas

When it comes to eliminating fleas from your home, there are those who believe that the quickest way to rid their home of the problem is also the best way. There are those who believe that the best way to eliminate the infestation is the all-natural, chemical-free way.

Neither of these ideas is right or wrong since both have been proven to work in different circumstances. However, depending upon your beliefs or needs, you may be more partial to one method. On one hand, your top concern may be saving your small children from flea bites as quickly as possible. On the other, it may be exposing your children to as few foreign chemicals as possible.


Getting the initial control over fleas is not an easy five minute job but once you have control then maintenance will be easy. Don’t get disheartened if it seems that you get a fresh flea infestation a week or two after using the following flea control method. It just means that you failed to get rid of the flea pupae which are immune to insecticide. The best thing to do is keep your home as clean as possible and give your pet a bath at least once a month, avoiding a flea problem in the future.



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