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with fecal testing

A pet can be taking parasite preventives with no signs of intestinal parasite infection and still be infected

Infected pets could contaminate their environment with potentially zoonotic parasites

  • Some parasites (such as hookworms and roundworms) are zoonotic and infect dogs and cats throughout the United States1-4

Various intestinal parasites can infect dogs and cats

  • Clinical signs of intestinal parasitic infection in pets can include diarrhea, weight loss and anemia
    • Remember that infected pets may not always
      show these signs
  • Regular diagnostics and discussing parasite preventives are needed as part of your pet’s wellness exams to identify an intestinal parasite infection and provide the best possible preventive care5

Even when taking an intestinal parasite preventive, pets can still become infected due to:

  • Poor compliance with preventives6
  • Becoming infected between doses
    of preventives
  • Potential preventive resistance amid emerging
    parasitic threats
  • Individual pet lifestyle and risk factors

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