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Dog Toys and Accessories Master Guide

Dog Toys and Accessories Master Guide

Picture a pet store, with all the various toys and accessories for dogs and cats littered around the place. Your image is probably along the lines of some bowls, balls, chews, leashes and perhaps an aquarium in the corner. There’s a lot of science that goes into keeping animals happy and healthy. As more and more has been discovered, the number of different toys and accessories available for pets has grown, so a pet shop is now a pet warehouse. This is a master guide on the modern online pet store and what to look out for when it comes to dog toys.

Dog Toys and Accessories to Keep Them Healthy

Most of us treat our dogs like our children. Just like children, dogs sometimes have to be tricked into doing things that are good for them. The Kibble Feeder Ball does just that, bringing out the dog’s natural instinct to hunt for their food. Chowing down on a stationary meal used to only happen after a physically exerting hunt for dogs. So, it’s natural that the dog should work a little for their food. The Kibble Feeder drops a measured amount of food as it moves, so the dog has to figure out how it works and get a workout in while they eat. This can help with weight control and exercises their brains.

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The Kong Dental Stick seems like a regular chew to the pooch but is designed to clean their teeth so that you don’t have to. Anyone who’s wrestled with a dog trying to get a toothbrush into its mouth knows how vital one of these is.

dental chew for dog

As dogs are furry and don’t sweat, it can be difficult for them to regulate their temperature. You will often see dogs retreating to the shade while we humans soak up the sun’s rays. With a Chill Out Always Cool Mat, you don’t have to worry about your best pal being uncomfortable or at risk in the heat. If they get too hot, they understand where they can go to cool off quickly.

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Traction tips and friction pads help senior and special-needs dogs. Watch your furry friend walk with new confidence, knowing they won’t slip and splay their legs on a wooden floor.


Dog Toys and Accessories to Help You

You probably know this one, but the Chuckit! Ball Launcher is really ingenious. No slobber on your hands, no bending to pick up the ball and the dog gets a real run as the ball is launched so much further. Balls are obviously pet store mainstays. Chuckit! also do smaller and more durable balls so you don’t have to buy a new tennis ball every other week.

dog ball thrower

If your dog is big or just a handful to get into the car, a ramp is ideal for getting them into the boot. You don’t have to dread picking up a muddy dog after a long day as they can get themselves in and out with no issues.

If you go on evening walks or sometimes look into the garden and can’t see the dog, you might consider a flashing collar. It’s a simple idea that can save a lot of trouble in the dark.

This one is seriously clever. Some of us work late or go out early and feel that pang of guilt for feeding the dog at the wrong time. With a timed feeder, you can fill the containers up whenever you want, set the dial and leave the food where your boy or girl knows they can find it. It won’t open until the right time, so you can keep a regular feeding schedule.

time locked pet food bowl

Plenty of dogs prove too boisterous for their owners to handle sometimes. A head collar or body harness can solve this problem. The body harness gives you a better control on your pooch if you need to pull them back when they get excited. If you find your dog constantly pulls ahead, the Gentle Leader head collar can teach them to be calmer over time. The pressure points on the collar emulate how the dog’s parent would pick them up to keep them still and safe. Applying slight pressure to these points is used as a teaching mechanism. This is not like a muzzle, does not restrict the dog from opening its mouth or use any kind of cruel force. It’s also not a bark collar.

Not all pets adapt well to the house. Some dogs need a place to go to the bathroom that’s regular. To save you having to pick up after them all over the place, or risk the kids stepping in unwanted gifts, there’s a solution. A dog potty mat which mimics grass gives them their own spot. It’s easy to clean, is anti-microbial to diminish odours and can be moved inside or out.

If we missed out any incredible products that your dog loves, let us know in the comments. Check back for our master cat toys and accessories blog soon!




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