It’s scary when our pet gets sick and needs treatment – especially when we don’t know much about the procedure they will be enduring. A veterinary wellness clinic in Vancouver will see many different pets and offer a variety of services- anywhere from elected surgeries to nail trimming. Many of us are aware of the potential injuries and diseases that our pets might face in their lifetime. However, if and when that time comes, it’s best to make yourself aware of the common procedures for treating animals.

Spay and Neuter

A very common procedure among veterinary wellness clinics in Vancouver is the spaying or neutering of animals. Both “spaying” (for female animals) and “neutering” (for male animals) are surgical procedures used to halt an animal’s ability to reproduce. Dogs, cats, and rabbits can be spayed/neutered and there are many benefits to the procedure not only for the well-being of the animals themselves but also to protect our communities. This procedure involves pets going under general anesthesia before an incision is made to remove certain reproductive organs, depending on the sex of the animal. The whole process of spaying and neutering may seem unnerving to pet owners but it is a routine surgery with a generally very speedy recovery time. Oxygen levels and heart rates are monitored closely during the procedure.


De-worming is an important veterinary wellness clinic procedure that protects both dogs and cats against harmful parasites. Dogs and cats can pick up worms in many different ways, including ingesting them directly or from something else they eat. If you suspect your pet has worms, bring them for a check-up and your vet will be able to determine the best treatment. Deworming treatment varies depending on the location and type of worm- this can include monthly drugs or injections; however, these are not surgical treatments. Heartworm disease is very serious and can result in heart failure, organ damage, or death- so this treatment may be more aggressive than other deworming cures. Keep in mind, generally, puppies and kittens are more likely to contract parasites than adult animals. Once your pet has been given the proper medication to treat the worms, they can remain back to their routine (the whole process is very straightforward!)

Dental Care

Just like humans- pets need proper care for their teeth! It can be challenging for pet owners to determine the dental health of an animal since their teeth aren’t in plain sight like their coats or paws. It’s important to have a specialist at a veterinary wellness clinic in Vancouver check your pet’s teeth annually, (or every 6 months for older pets). General dental care, such as cleaning and x-rays, are non-invasive for pets and your trusted vet can even provide you with a specialized at-home dental care routine. Common oral surgical procedures for pets include dental extractions, root canals, and flap surgeries. These surgeries generally require more aftercare than neutering/spaying or deworming. Your pet may be put on pain management medication or a special diet and advised to rest to avoid any complications.

The most important factor to consider when you are preparing your pet for treatment is to find a professional and trusted veterinary wellness clinic in Vancouver that focuses on the health and comfort of your pet. If you have any questions or concerns about common veterinary procedures, send us a message and we will be happy to help.