You’ve painstakingly researched pet foods, created a comfortable place for your four-legged friend to sleep, and purchased more animal toys than you care to admit. So why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to choosing a Vancouver vet hospital?

People often assume that the best vet hospital for their pet is whichever one is closest, but there is way more than proximity to consider when it comes to choosing a vet. The staff, services, and quality of care your pet will receive should all be factored into your choice of a veterinary clinic. Before entrusting your pet’s care to anyone, here are seven points to consider.

Check Out the Facilities

Your pet probably won’t care much about the aesthetics of their vet’s office, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to choose one that is clean and well equipped. Imagine walking into a medical facility for humans and finding it dirty and dingy and so you probably wouldn’t go back. Even though it’s a vet hospital and not intended for people, it is still a medical facility and should be clean.

Learn a Little About the Team

How friendly and attentive are staff at a Vancouver vet hospital to your animal? How welcoming are they to you? Both you and your pet should feel comfortable visiting the office and you should also be confident in the quality of care your pet is receiving. You wouldn’t want a treatable condition to go unnoticed by staff who are too busy or distracted with other tasks.

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Look into What Types of Services Are Available

Your Vancouver vet hospital should be more than just a place to seek emergency care. It should be a place where you can go for other types of essential and non-essential services. When speaking to the clinic, ask about what is-house service they offer. An excellent vet hospital will be able to provide access to dental and surgical facilities, as well as lab testing and x-rays. Additionally, you may want to find a vet clinic that can provide pet care services like nail trimming and ear and tooth cleaning.

Inquire About Appointment Wait Times

At first, a busy vet hospital may seem off-putting, however, a crowded office often isn’t a sign of poor service. A full waiting room full of loyal clients might demonstrate the caliber of care pets are receiving at the facility and sometimes good service is worth the wait. Therefore, appointment availability is an important factor when choosing a Vancouver vet hospital, so inquire about wait times for regular visits.

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Ask About Emergencies

While getting a regular appointment at a popular vet hospital can often take a few days, most will prioritize urgent and emergency appointments. Emergency care is an essential service not offered by all vet hospitals but it is beneficial to have. In an emergency, receiving care from a vet who is already familiar with your situation can be a huge comfort to you and your pet.

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Discuss Pet Philosophies

Not all veterinarians approach pet wellness in the same manner. If you have a specific pet parenting ideology you want to follow or beliefs about pet medication, you should discuss this with a potential vet during an initial consultation. When it comes to your pet’s health and care, you want to make sure you and your vet are on the same page.

Ask About Billing and Payments

Even with insurance, pet treatments can be expensive. Find out how your vet’s office manages to bill for planned and unexpected treatments. Ideally, you should be informed of any potential costs and given a quote before a service is performed.