Hiking With Dogs: 5 Winter Safety Tips


The weather is beginning to warm up in Vancouver and that means you will probably want to spend more time outside with your beloved pet. However just because it’s above freezing doesn’t mean you don’t need to dress warmly or watch out for some icy patches or other dangers you need to be aware of.

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Are Pumpkins Good Treats For Dogs?


ARE PUMPKINS GOOD TREATS FOR DOGS?  It’s almost Fall and the Pumpkin-flavoured food is everywhere – pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, and pumpkin cookies. It’s a delicious treat for humans but can dogs eat pumpkin, too? Turns out, it can make an excellent healthy treat and supplement for dogs if you serve it right. How many pumpkins Do I Feed

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How To Deal With Pests Humanely


Since the weather is getting nicer, you’ll find a lot of animals, insects, and other critters have started to appear. Most of them you probably don't want in your house or garden. There are many reasons you want to get rid of pests humanely. For starters, pests are creatures too, and they deserve as much

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5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday


Put Your Pet Into Family Photos If you’re the type of family to send out photos with your Christmas cards each year, why not add your pet to the festivities? You can either get professional or do a candid photo. Either have their own appeals for them. If you have a good photographer in the

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What To Do With Your Pet During Winter


As the temperature drops outside, it’s very important to keep your pets safe. Recently a lost tabby cat was rescued when a conductor for CN Rail found the stowaway under the engine deck on his train in Alberta. It was almost -40 C outside and one of the train’s engines was frozen solid. When the

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