Pet owners in Vancouver know that our dogs are more than just animals to us. They are family. We take them on adventures in Stanley Park, let them run to their heart’s content on Ambleside beach, and buy them an ice cream cone while strolling Granville Island. With that relationship, comes a desire to celebrate them by giving gifts. If you’re looking for a gift for your fur baby but need ideas, consulting a dog care centre in Vancouver is a great way to get help choosing something fun and safe for your beloved pet. Here are some ideas to consider when purchasing a gift for your pooch!

Cozy and cuddled up

Winter weather has us humans snuggled up tight in our warm jackets and soft blankets. Even though your dog may come with a coat built-in, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t benefit from and enjoy a little extra something to stay snug and warm this winter. Giving the gift of a jacket, sweater, or cozy blanket dedicated to your pet alone is a lovely gesture that is both caring and practical. Each breed of dog is different, though. A chihuahua would need something quite a bit thicker than say a Great Pyrenese. If you’re not sure how your dog’s coat functions through the different seasons of the year, you can ask a dog care centre in Vancouver to better understand what sort of jacket or bedding would be best for your breed of dog. This way your dog won’t be chilled to the bone or overheat in a well-meant but incorrectly chosen clothing option. Along with jackets, proper paw wear is a great idea for your dog in the winter months. Sidewalks can be freezing with ice or covered in road salt that can seriously harm your dog’s sensitive paws. Ask an animal expert what style of boot would be best for your breed of dog.

Delicious delights

What dog doesn’t love a delicious treat? The gift of food is a timeless gesture that can be shared amongst humans and dogs alike. If you are purchasing your treats from a Vancouver pet store, make sure the ingredients are safe and healthy for your pooch taking into consideration any known allergies, health concerns, or dietary restrictions. If you aren’t sure which food products would be best for your pet, ask your veterinarian at your next visit to a dog care centre in Vancouver. They can help you determine any concerns for your dog’s diet based on an assessment of any health concerns, age, weight, and allergies. One great way to avoid any uncertainty with dog treats is to simply make them yourself. The internet is an excellent resource of recipes for your furry friend with often simple and healthy ingredients that are still wonderfully tasty. This way, you can also make the treats fun by customizing their shape and packaging. For even more fun, wrapping a food present for your pooch can be a hilarious and exciting opportunity for a round of hide and seek that gift. Just have your pet follow his nose.

Giving our pets gifts can be a fun way to show them how loved they are and how grateful we are for the joy they bring us each day. To give the best gifts, be sure to consult a dog care centre in Vancouver for great ideas and safety tips to keep your dog happy and your gift healthy.