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Choosing a Vancouver Vet Hospital


You’ve painstakingly researched pet foods, created a comfortable place for your four-legged friend to sleep, and purchased more animal toys than you care to admit. So why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to choosing a Vancouver vet hospital? People often assume that the best vet hospital for their

Choosing a Vancouver Vet Hospital2022-03-24T10:27:52+00:00

Tips on How to Make Cat Nail Care a Little Easier


Does your cat hate getting its nails cut? You're not alone. The internet is full of angry cat claw memes and desperate pleas from owners on how to get "difficult" cats to sit for a nail trim. While booking an appointment at your cat care centre is always an option, sometimes it’s quicker and easier

Tips on How to Make Cat Nail Care a Little Easier2022-02-23T11:17:02+00:00

Why do Pets Also Need to Have Their Ears Cleaned?


A lot of unwanted things can clog up your pet’s ears. Dust, pests, dander, allergens, and bacteria naturally find their way into the ears of animals. Dogs and cats are susceptible to having many unwanted substances in their ears because of their ears’ wide-open anatomy of their bodies. The most significant danger these substances can

Why do Pets Also Need to Have Their Ears Cleaned?2022-01-27T07:21:44+00:00

Trimming Your Pet’s Nails 101


Nail trimming is an important part of a healthy personal maintenance routine for your pet. Nail trimming can be done by a vet, groomer, or even done at home. Nails trimming can be done more or less than average depending on your pet’s age. Being active helps with keeping nails trim naturally. As pets get

Trimming Your Pet’s Nails 1012022-01-14T11:38:41+00:00

Symptoms in Cats that Require Immediate Medical Attention


Your cat is family, and just as with any other member of your household, sometimes your cat may develop symptoms that have you wondering if it’s time to seek out medical attention at your nearest animal hospital in Vancouver. Gum discolouration Like humans, healthy gums in cats should be moist and pink. Gum discolouration could

Symptoms in Cats that Require Immediate Medical Attention2021-12-23T09:43:24+00:00

Pet Wellness: What’s That Lump?


One moment you are cuddling with your pet, and the next, you are trying to use Google to diagnose a strange lump – and growing more concerned with each post. Here’s the good news, most lumps and bumps found in cats are dogs are benign (non-cancerous) and can be treated at your pet wellness center.

Pet Wellness: What’s That Lump?2021-11-29T11:56:55+00:00

When to Take Your Cat to An Emergency Vet Clinic


Cats have a reputation for being independent and sassy. Cats are a survival species, which means that it is their instinct to hide their symptoms if they are sick or injured. Cats will not show that they are vulnerable, unlike dogs and most other pets. This means that it is very important for you to

When to Take Your Cat to An Emergency Vet Clinic2021-10-19T05:45:20+00:00

When to Take Your Pet to the Vet vs the Emergency Animal Hospital


As much as we feel like we can communicate with our pets, the truth is, they cannot tell us when they are in pain, feeling sick, or injured. Many pets enjoy going outside, exploring, and spending time with their humans. Sometimes, pets get injured, eat something weird, or roll in something foul. Some of these

When to Take Your Pet to the Vet vs the Emergency Animal Hospital2021-09-17T06:51:53+00:00

Do You Know Why Regular Pet Checkups are So Important?


Think about how many regular medical appointments the average person attends in a year. There are dental cleanings, eye exams, and checkups with your family doctor, in addition to any condition-specific visits that a person may require. Now think about how regularly your pet visits their animal medical clinic in Vancouver. If your pet is

Do You Know Why Regular Pet Checkups are So Important?2021-09-17T06:41:20+00:00

How to Help Your Dog Age Gracefully


Our pets rely on us for their health and wellbeing. Taking your pet to a pet care center in Vancouver should be part of your pet care routine. Just like humans, animals can get sick, injured, and old. Senior dogs are just as deserving of love as any other dog, and they can be excellent

How to Help Your Dog Age Gracefully2021-09-17T06:49:22+00:00

Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy and Healthy is Easier Than You May Think


As humans age, we make inevitable lifestyle changes to help keep our bodies healthy and strong for as long as possible. That might mean changes to our diets, more regular exercise, or supplements to support our health. Similarly, keeping your aging dog healthy might also require making some important lifestyle adjustments. But don’t worry, most

Keeping Your Aging Dog Happy and Healthy is Easier Than You May Think2021-09-17T07:01:31+00:00

Beware of Overheating Pets in Summer Weather


The warm weather is coming, and with warm weather comes fun walks, runs, and swims for both you and your dogs. However, it is important to take care of your dogs in the heat, and if anything seems to be wrong, taking them to a Vancouver animal wellness hospital for treatment. While locking dogs in

Beware of Overheating Pets in Summer Weather2021-09-17T07:10:32+00:00

Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth


Periodontal diseases do not happen only to humans. Around 80% of dogs by the age of three have some form of periodontal disease. Like any living thing, your dog needs good hygiene and care. Going to a pet care center regularly can help prevent your best friend from falling victim to painful and harmful diseases.

Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth2021-06-18T06:00:02+00:00

Why you should adopt a senior dog?


When your dog will become seven years old, then it comes under the senior category. The size of the dog also affects the categorisation. This means that small dogs will get matured slower and becomes senior late as compared to larger dogs. The animal shelters are filled with healthy and active senior dogs that are

Why you should adopt a senior dog?2021-06-05T13:26:39+00:00

Can I Live With a Dog or Cat If I Have Allergies?


Many people believe that for their health and safety they cannot have or be around pets if they are allergic to them. Unless your allergies are life threatening, this definitely is not the case. Allergies to dogs and cats can be severely debilitating but do not have long-term effects on your health. Many people who

Can I Live With a Dog or Cat If I Have Allergies?2021-04-05T19:25:40+00:00

10 Common Household Plants That Can Be Harmful to Your Pet


Whether you like plants or not, odds are that at one point in your life you will end up with a little green friend in your home. What you may not know is that many of the most common house plants can be very dangerous for your pets to be around and can even be

10 Common Household Plants That Can Be Harmful to Your Pet2021-03-29T19:15:24+00:00

8 Unbelievable Dog Stories To Make You Smile


As Vancouver veterinarians, we meet so many dogs. Every dog owner loves to talk up their pet and has wonderful stories to share. We always love hearing them, so decided to do some research and showcase some unbelievable dog stories. Here are 8 of the most heartwarming dog stories to get you through the winter

8 Unbelievable Dog Stories To Make You Smile2020-12-15T20:10:46+00:00
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