The internet was made for cat videos, and don’t let anybody tell you differently. There are countless number of insanely cute pet profiles on various social media accounts you should be following, if nothing else to brighten up your day. We’ve rounded up a couple of celebrity pets to make it easier for you. Please share these with your friends and family!


Ginny is an adorable adopted rabbit who has a permanent head tilt, but the good thing is she doesn’t know she’s any different and has fun as much as any other rabbit.


Fanbase: 18,200 followers on Instagram

2. Tonkey Bear

Tonky looks like a stuffed Teddy bear, but is in fact a bearcoat Shar Pei puppy who lives in Alberta with her owners Christine Park and David Ngu. She also has a bet friend, Maxi, a two-year-old border collie who lives with them. She has a rare recessive gene that makes her extra fluffy.


Fanbase: 408,676 followers on Instagram

3. Marnie

Marnie is a 12-year-old adopted Shih Tzu. She lives in New York City and manages to be well-traveled throughout the city. She has the cutest face and longest tongue which she sticks out like Michael Jordan.


Fanbase: 11,799 followers on Instagram

4. Millie

Millie is a cute mix between a potbelly pig and Juliana Pig living in Indonesia. She has a vary loyal fanbase. However, Millie, has just moved homes to be with other pigs and her owner, sadly, hasn’t decided if she will continue with the updates.


Fanbase: 1.7 million followers on Instagram

5. Cole and Marmalade

Cole and Marmalade are a cat duo with over 54 million views on Youtube. Their owners use their fame to raise awareness for cancer, adoption, and Big Cat Rescue, the largest cat sanctuary in the United States.


Fanbase: 1.8 million Followers on Facebook

6. Sir Charles Barkley

This French Bulldog from Seattle is as cute as they come. Partly named after the famous basketball player, he spends most of his time on Instagram dressing up as a clown, a dinosaur or Yoda.


Fanbase: 483,055 followers on Instagram

7. Lil Bub

Talk about taking pet fame to another level. Bub was a runt from a feral litter and rescued when it was discovered she had several genetic diseases. She has an extreme case of dwarfism, which means her limbs are disproportionately small compared to the rest of her body. She has helped raise over $300,000 for a national fund for special needs pets.


Fanbase: 2.9 million followers on Facebook

While this may all seem like fun and play, social media is bringing awareness to animal shelters and rescue organisations who are using the internet to reach out to the public for help. We encourage you to spread the pictures of these famous pets, but also to think of all the other animals who need a forever home.

If you see a dog or cat up for adoption, you can tag a friend and encourage them to check out their potential pet. Remember the more awareness to the plight of animals, the better.