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7 Gifts To Get Your Pet This Christmas

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It’s officially the holiday season and as we are going from party to party and shopping for our family, we shouldn’t forget our wonderful pets. They are, after all, the animals that fill our lives with wonder and joy. It seems only fitting that you might get them something for Christmas or as a little extra treat. Here are seven ideas of how you can treat them.

  1. GPS Collar

These amazing gadgets will ensure your pet is never lost again. You’ll never have to put up those heartbreaking “lost” posters. Some of the collars can even send you a text message when your pet wanders too far from a chosen vicinity. How cool is that?

  1. Grooming Gift Certificate

Your animal will want to look and feel their best during the holiday season. Why not get your pet a grooming gift certificate so he or she can show off during those family gatherings? There are many different companies to choose from and many different options. If you don’t already have a favourite salon, do a little research before committing to one. The are usually non-refundable.

  1. Customized clay paw prints

You can purchase kits to capture your pet’s paw print so they will be immortalized forever. This works especially well if you have a non-traditional pet such as a lizard or a rat. You can then paint the mould and hang it on the wall or use it as bookends.

  1. Pet treat cookbook

If you love to bake and to make your pet tasty treats then this gift is for you. There are many books to choose from will all kinds of ideas and ingredients you’ve probably never even dreamed of. Check out www.amazon.com for more ideas. Your pet will love you for your baked goodies.

  1. Pet Portrait

A portrait from a professional artist will capture your pet forever. You can hang it in your bedroom or in the living room, and it will always remind you of your beloved animal. If you don’t want a painting, you can get your animal’s portrait printed on t-shirts or blankets.

  1. Pet Insurance

This may not be the most exciting gift but it will keep on giving. Pet insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if your pet needs unexpected surgery. It can be a lifesaver and what is a better present than the gift of life and health?

  1. Donate to a Pet Shelter

Lastly, you can donate to a pet in need. This is perhaps the most valuable gift you can get. There are many animals out there who need love and care that you provide for your pet. Consider donating to your local SPCA and help other animals have a great holiday season as well.

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