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5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday

5 Ways You Can Include Your Pet During the Holiday

Put Your Pet Into Family Photos

If you’re the type of family to send out photos with your Christmas cards each year, why not add your pet to the festivities? You can either get professional or do a candid photo. Either have their own appeals for them. If you have a good photographer in the family, then candid will capture your more carefree moments with your pet.

Another option is to take your pet to see Santa! Just make sure you don’t over-stress your pet with crowded malls or long line u. If you know somebody who plays Santa then it’s best if you can get him to come over to your house.

You can use the photos in creative ways too, not just for Christmas cards You can make Christmas ordainments out of the pictures or even into a star for the top of your tree!


Give them a Stocking

Everybody in your family should have a stocking hung above the chimney, and that includes your pet. Decorate the stockings with paw prints and putting their name on it adds a special touch.  It’s best to get them something that smells good. Wrap it up and put in the stocking on Christmas eve. That way your pet isn’t left out when it comes to opening gifts.

In the morning, it can be fun watching your pet sniff at their present and curiously paw at it. Just make sure you open it for them and don’t leave any bits of wrapping around for them to swallow.


Take a pet-friendly vacation

If you’re planning on taking a vacation, why not book a hotel that is pet-friendly. That way you don’t have to leave your pet at home. Or you can rent an RV and do a cross country drive. If you rent a car, check with the company to see what their policy is. Know what you’re getting into if your pet makes a mess in the car.

Likewise do the same, if you’re flying. Many airlines allow you to bring your pet for an extra fee. Check before booking to make sure there are no surprises.


Dress Your Pet Up for the holidays

There are plenty of ugly sweaters your pet can wear. Give them a little colour in the dark months by dressing them up with festive-themed collars, tags, and other accessories. However, what ever you do, make sure your pet is comfortable and happy in their new attire. You don’t want to stress your pet out just for a cute photo op.


Pet Adoption

Christmas is a time when we often feel lucky to have somebody to love and a roof over our head. If you have some extra space and time in your life, then perhaps consider fostering or adopting a pet over the holidays. If you can’t make any long-term commitments, then try fostering for a couple months while the rescue agency finds a forever home.

Unfortunately, animal shelters and rescue groups are inundated over the holidays with people surrendering their pets. Fostering can be a great way to temporarily give a dog a home and can provide a playmate for your dog or cat during the silly season when you may not be home much.


If you have any questions or concerns over the holidays, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.









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