Bored of walking and running with your dog? Looking for more new activities to enjoy together? Let’s check out 5 activities that you can do with your dog without having to go far or buy expensive equipment.

Join an agility class together

Agility class can be fun and stimulating, and since it requires much of brainstorming, it makes for a great bonding time for you and your dog. It also facilitates your learning to communicate effectively with each other- especially when under pressure. You can ask people who have trained dogs before where this type of class is offered. Don’t forget to search online for great courses and events that might be offered in your area! You may also find classes on sale or on discount prices at various times throughout the year.

Visit a dog café shop

If both dog and coffee are your things, why not head out to coffee shops that gladly allow furry friends inside? Since each of you can entertain while enjoying delicious treats. Your dog will also have a chance to meet new friends as well as play with a wide range of toys available there. Dog cafes are a great place to meet other doggo friends and their proud parents with whom you too can make friends.

Go to watch a dog show

Have you ever watched dogs do cool and fun tricks and wished your dog can act the same like that? If yes, then go for an agility or obedience trial where they will get active exercise while having fun with others of their size. You can discover all sorts of treats, games, and fun activities that you two can play and enjoy together.

  • Place

Check online with local trainers in your area – there are many great events all year round, but we suggest you and your dog get out there as soon as possible before summer comes because then everybody almost jumps on the bandwagon.

  • Time

Anytime, but we suggest planning if it comes to agility and obedience trials since there’ll be tons of events to pick up from.

Enjoy the water together

If walking along the coastline isn’t fun enough, then try taking your dog out onto the water, such as on a kayak, a stand-up paddleboard, or even as simple as an inflatable donut. If your dog can enjoy swimming and can control its behaviours when surrounded by many people, then this must be something that you two can have fun with together. We recommend you do this activity more regularly, like at least once a year.

Create a scavenger hunt for them

Let’s try making a scavenger hunt for your dog so that it can activate and use its strong sense of smell. You can hide scented socks around the house, and give them a reward when they find the item. You could even hide their favorite toy in the yard, or under something so that they’ll have to dig through the leaves to find it. This not only calls for time well spent but also encourages cognitive skills development for your pet.

Hopefully, this inspired you with some ideas to enjoy with your dog in the upcoming days. As a pet wellness center in Vancouver, we are always striving to bring joy, health, and wellness to your dog both physically and mentally. Drop us a call for a free consultation if you’re interested in any of our services. We take pride in being the leading and trusted pet wellness center in Vancouver for many years and are greatly experienced in understanding pets as well as professional in our services.