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Should BC Have An Animal Abuse Registry?

30th May 2018


In more American States, animal abusers might have to be registered like sex offenders. At the moment there are 11 States which have animal abuse legislation pending, and a growing number of municipalities including New York City, Chicago, and Tampa Bay are toughening their stance on animal abuse. The question then becomes should British Columbia follow their lead? While the main goal of

Should BC Have An Animal Abuse Registry?2018-05-30T17:38:45+00:00

BC becomes the second province in Canada to outlaw declawing

14th May 2018


Although declawing cats is not as popular as it once was, it is still a prevalent practice across Canada and the United States. However BC just recently became one of the first provinces in Canada to outlaw the practice– hopefully, the rest will soon follow our lead. Nova Scotia is the only other Canadian province

BC becomes the second province in Canada to outlaw declawing2018-05-15T17:16:45+00:00