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How To Have a Flea Free Summer

26th May 2017


Fleas are a troublesome pest. They can get from your pet to your carpet, on your couch, and even in your bed. Luckily fleas don’t need to be part of pet ownership. Lately, flea control has become very advanced so it’s becoming easier to deal with flea problems. If you find the problem early enough

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How Technology Can Help Our Pets

18th May 2017


From fitness apps, to virtual reality, it’s pretty clear that technology plays a major part in our lives. However, humans aren’t the only ones who can use gadgets. Technology makes things easier for us, but also for our pets. Here are a few great gadgets you should know about. GPS trackers There is now a

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Pet Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

12th May 2017


Mother’s Day is almost here and if you haven’t thought about what to get her, maybe consider something for her pet. After all, let’s face it, the last thing your mother needs is more flowers, perfume, and chocolates. Here are some ideas if you’re stuck. Pet Portraits This is a timeless gift that will be

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The 5 Cutest Cat Breeds

5th May 2017


It seems you either love or hate cats -- there is no middle ground.  Cats come in many shapes and sizes. From the American Shorthair, Egyptian Mau to the Siamese. We've picked 5 cat breeds that have something a little extra special, that stand out a bit from others. Whether you’re a cat person or

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