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7 Foods Your Pets Should Not Eat

28th April 2017


Everybody knows there are certain foods you couldn’t feed your pets but sometimes it’s hard to resist those big, loving eyes as he begs you to share. When you want to give him a treat from the table how do you know which foods are safe to feed them? Here are some guidelines of what you should keep away from your pets.

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Who Gets Your Pet When You Break Up?

21st April 2017


You need your pet more than ever when you breakup with your significant other. When you feel lonely there is nothing better than the love and snuggles of a pet. But who gets your furry animal after you go your separate ways? Besides the dividing up of furniture, property, and other assets, you need to

Who Gets Your Pet When You Break Up?2017-04-23T15:22:53+00:00